11 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

**11 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens

Awesome mobile photography for most smartphone**


** Includes 8 lenses**:

  1. 0.63x Super wide angle Lens
  2. 5x Macro Lens
  3. 198° Fisheye Lens
  4. 2X Telephoto Lens
  5. CPL Mobile Phone Lens
  6. Starburst Lens
  7. Kaleidoscope Lens
  8. 20 times telephoto lens

20 times telephoto lens It overcomes the shortcoming that the camera phone can only take short distance photos instead of long distance, so that the long distance vision can be presented clearly in your eyes

  • It has 20 times zoom and adjustable focal length.
  • Tripod and Bluetooth remote shutter
  • A long focus telescope with an eye mask can be used for long distance shooting

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